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Adding Crafting Mission Filters plz


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They need to add filters for Crew Crafting Missions. There are a few current problems that adding filters & save would eliminate & streamline. Let take the example of of doing T5 Comp Gifts. I have to go go Grade T5 page, then scroll down to find CG5, then double click. Now if want another comp to do it, i have two options, i can stay on Grade T5 page by mousing down (you will often over scroll and miss it), then scrolling to a free comp, then hit sent comp. Not so bad? well what about now i have 6 more comps to do, the rest of Grade T5 then T4. It Will reset to the top, I then again have to mouse down and do more scrolling (you will often over scroll again). The 2nd option takes more time, click on a comp, the Mission reset to Grade T10, then you have to scroll to Grade T5 then scroll down and not miss comp mission yet again, and you can double click the Mission. 2nd comp, auto reset to page Grade T10 again, then repeat. Yet, then you repeat for another 6 toons. What worse, rank 40-50 comps get to do this every 5-10m. The scrolls and pages resets becomes quite painful and you give up all together at times doing precious crew mission while you game. The only Fast Grade/tier is T10, you simple click on the comp on comp crew skill window on one side, then click on the Mission, 2nd comp, then mission. You can do this for all 8 comps, and never have to scroll on the Grade pages because the mission are removed, and scrolling on comp page isn’t too much work.


Even if let people EXPAND the whole page of a Grade/tier to max size, that would remove all the damn scrolling (unless you have a small screen). But adding a buttons or filters it would streamline the process. We would have the different filters, Comp Gifts, Crafting Material (yes the ones from the vendor, if you get them from crew mission they are way way cheaper), Samples, Compounds, Metal, Artifact Fragments, Power Crystals, Color Crystals, Fabrics, Slice Tech Parts, Lockboxes, Medical Supplies, & Gemstones. You could removing the scrolling 8 times every 5-10mintues. There are times I have way to much Salvage Metal and need Salvage Compounds, but manually filter pass the rest on the page is painful. 2nd add a “lock" Grade Page option, so if just want to click one comp after another then click all items in Grade T6 you can.


Summary, One Let people EXPAND the whole page for Grade Mission & Comp Crew Skill Page, too reduce or eliminate tedious scrolling. 2nd, add Filters at the top Crew Mission page, either as button or scroll down. 3rd, add “Lock” button on Mission pages, so you stop I having to change pages every time, I want to use the quick click on Comp Crew List tab then select mission option (I want to stay on Grade 7 damn it, not reset to Grade 10). 4th, if you feel like it, if Expand the whole page isn't an option for some, let us organize on comps how we like, instead based on Rank, then Alphabet. (i for one like to rank my lower rank comps, but being at the bottom of the Comp Crew Skill page is deterring.)

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