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Have the Dark V Light Event Return Yearly


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Basically as the title says. I think the event was a good way to get players playing the old content and as such increased player counts on leveling worlds, which just made it fun again to level. Its not as much fun while leveling and being one of 5 players on the planet.


As for the rewards, I would say to just keep them the same as before, maybe add a reputation vender type thing for players who go above and beyond. Like if you get the highest rank you can buy that years companion, or just the originals if they want to be lazy. Basically make it a yearly trend.


Time of year I would say should be in a content drought period, not because it replaces new content. Its more that you don't want players deciding on doing new content rather then the dark vs light stuff.


IDK, I just think its kind of a waste for them to think ahead and reset the achievements for the levels while never bringing back a pretty unique concept to get players to replay the leveling stories.

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