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Ziost mission "From Ashes" broken for some players...


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Please refer to this thread since there is more info than I can reproduce here....


The mission "From Ashes" has been intermittent since last year. There are many people that complete this mission with no issues. But there are people (myself included) that can NOT complete this mission without first logging out then logging back into the game just to turn in this mission.


Please read through the referenced thread for more info...


It sure would be nice if this was finally addressed and fixed so that EVERYBODY can complete this mission without issues.


Please don't post here saying that YOU do not have this as I KNOW that many of you DO NOT. This if for the People that MUST SUFFER through this bug that DO have problems..


Thank you.

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I still get this bug, and one of the oddest consistencies I've noticed about it is that it only affects my characters who are female and have body type 4. All characters with those traits have the bug and all who do not don't.
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