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Titles or Flair for Collections Completion


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I personally am an avid collector of the various cosmetic items in the game and I enjoy getting into emote and mount contests with people to show off how much I have. In fact, if there was one aspect of the game that I enjoy the most, it would be gathering these collectibles and outfitting myself and my companions with all the different stuff I have available to me. I can easily lose hours to re-outfitting companions in new armor options. However, there's really no way to showcase the time and effort that goes into gathering all of these easily.


In my ideal world, there would be a couple flair options that showcase what percentage or "amount" of collections that your character/legacy has unlocked. Something along the lines of what the different flair for Command tiers do. Alternatively, a title would work just as well. Just a little something to showcase an aspect of the game separate from collecting achievements (through inspecting players), stronghold decorations (through public listing), or legendary status (through flair).

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