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Ultimate Kotor Anniversary Pack.

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Those are some nifty ideas. More companion customizations and decos are always a plus.


I would love to see --


* Anniversary vendors carrying all the items from previous years, such as statues, posters, jawas, holostatues, and flairs.


New items --

* Decoration: Ultimate Fireworks Launcher -- twice the size of the old launcher, cycles through the various shapes and colors of fireworks, able to be donated or Purchased for guilds.

* Commemorative Statue of Torian Cadera -- story related and it's about time!

* Commemorative Statue of Vaylin -- We have Arcann and Valkorion, time to complete the set.

* Poster: Nathema -- Landscape orientation poster of this scary world.

* Poster: Zakuul -- Landscape orientation poster of this amazing world.

* Poster: Iokath -- Landscape orientation poster of the mechanical planet.

* Poster: Eternal Throne -- Portrait orientation poster of someone in armor sitting on the throne.

* Festive Jawa -- To go with our Celebration and Party Jawas, this one plays rock music on a Xantha.

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There are still lots of Kotor/Kotor 2 NPC and companion outfits I would love to have. and the Ann is coming up. this december I think? Making an anniversary bundle with new items would be amazballs.


Agreed, I was always hoping that someday bioware would release the disciples clothes on the cartel market, I think if they dyed well they could be a awesome jedi tunic.

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