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F2P Chat restrictions


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Posting for a F2P guild mate.

We ran into a question on F2P chat restriction on June, 24, 2018. As per a promotion from 2016-2017 time frame I was able to give a Free 60 token to a F2P person, allowing them to experience the 1st chapter of Knight of the Fallen Empire. My wife, whom I gave the token has recently returned to play for awhile to see if she wanted to sub. We were attempting to open up guild chat and she could not use guild chat. We attempted to use all other channels to no avail; say, yell, general, whisper (outgoing), nothing at all. She kept receiving the red lettered notice that chat was restricted, as though she was below the level 25 chat limit. We then tried her other characters and each could use chat ( if over level 25). Appeared to be only an issue with the level 60, not sure if this particular character has always had this issue, as she most often runs heroics as a level 60 to increase credit supply. Not sure if there is anyway of correcting this issue.

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