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[FLASHPOINT] The False Emperor - Command Deck section - Invisible enemies


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When you get to the command deck in the The False Emperor flashpoint there are many times after you kill a group of mobs your still in combat.


Then after about 30 seconds or so the invisible mobs you were still in combat with die and you get XP or CXP for them. This causes issues on the solo mode especially as your companion and combat droid stay behind where you were in combat to fight said invisible enemies.


Locations I found this occur:


  • Artillery Droid at start of command desk
  • Imperial Guard group by stairs after first group
  • Mobs guarding first Command Console
  • Artillery Droid that guards 3rd Command Console
  • Forsaken Sith Lord just after the 5th Command Console
  • Rewired Extermination Droids in front of 6th Command Console

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