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*Recruitment* <Blue Arcadia> Rep. and <Red Arcadia> Emp. LGBTQIA-friendly Guilds


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In-Game Application Channel: BlueArcadia for :sy_republic: Side and RedArcadia for :sy_empire: Side


  • on :sy_republic: Side just type
    /cjoin BlueArcadia

    and hit any of the "Enter" keys on your keyboard

  • on :sy_empire: Side just type
    /cjoin RedArcadia

    and hit any of the "Enter" keys on your keyboard

  • then look for the assigned Channel number to the custom channel you've just joined and type
    /x Your message

    , whereas "x" stands for the assigned Channel number

  • alternatively to the in-game Application Channels we have recently also set up a simple and free Enjin Website, where you can click the Recruitment Button and fill out the Recruitment Form after you either have logged in with your Enjin-Account or created one. We might or might not upgrade the Forums, depending on the interest of enough players joining and willing to use it besides the Discord Server.


Primary Language: English

Focus: none – RP / PvE / PvP / GSF



More about <Blue Arcadia> and <Red Arcadia>:


Our guilds are open to anyone, who is mature and respectful. Because we are LGBTQIA (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender/tolerant, queer, intersexual, asexual) - friendly guilds, we provide a relaxed, harassment-free environment for anyone, regardless of their gender, heritage, social status or other categorization often used as a means for discrimination. That includes the use of whatever pronouns someone wishes to be addressed by.


We want to foster a hassle-free environment for our members, so everyone can focus on getting to know each other as much or little as wished and play the Game together as joyfully as possible.

Therefore please be aware of the respective International Anti-discrimination Laws, which sum up most of the foundations for civil interaction among human-rights abiding players.


A functional :sy_republic: Headquarter at Coruscant is currently available to socialize in for those who like to meet in (virtual) person. It provides access to all the necessities – such as all available Banks :sy_bank:, Galactic Trade Network Terminal :sy_auction:, Item-Modification Station :sy_item: and Appearance Modification Station :sy_companion: – for a convenient in-game experience and as we grow together, we can aim for larger/different one/s on the Planets preferred and voted for by a majority vote from our members.


Not long ago, thanks to a very generous donation from one of our - now sadly retired - players, we could acquire Flagships for both guilds, too...with the same functionality as the Headquarter on Coruscant, just with the additional option to take part in weekly Conquest Events throughout the Galaxy :sy_galaxy: and Orbital Support, too.


The most important part for us, nevertheless, is to create an active, supportive and thriving social community, that can help each other out, when needed and inspire the excitement for this fantastic World, we all share the

love for... :mon_wink:


So far, the Forums are rather empty still, but our Discord Server, which will be made available after joining, is quite active and used for better coordination outside of the game and in larger in-game events such as Roleplaying, PvE Flashpoints, PvE/P Operations, and Galactic Starfighter Matches.

In addition, basic information and news can be shared offline there on all established platforms, so we will see, if there will be a more active community requesting the forums to be refined (for Roleplaying and other Events, for example) or if we will continue to use Discord for that, too. We apply Democratic Principle there, which means everyone can contribute and help improve and gets appreciated for it and rewarded as good as possible by those who also use and support the requested and built feature, as long as it's within everyone's boundaries. There is no shaming or non-sportive competition here because this is supposed to be a relaxing leisure time activity we all want to enjoy and thereby must not dictate our "real" Life.


Thanks for your interest and let's have some fun, shall we? :cool:

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