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E3 2018 Stuff


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The whole purpose of this is to discuss what you're hoping to see, excited to see, or stuff you don't want to see this year, please no fighting.


Personally I'm really excited for an update on Anthem. I've had my eye on it for some time so I would love to see a whole boat load of info dropped this year... and I'm also hoping they announce a massive budget increase for SWTOR.(fingers crossed)


I am also excited for the new Spider-Man game and hopefully getting some clue as to what the heck Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding is all about, with some minor intrigue into Days Gone as well.


I'd say I want to see more Kingdom Hearts 3 but I've decided to bar myself from any media or information to prevent myself from setting insanely high expectations, it worked for Andromeda and made me appreciate it for what it was and not what I thought it would be, though I'm not saying I think it will be bad, just reeeeeeeally excited for KH3. :D


How about you? What are your plans for this years E3, if any?

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I don't care about EA's showing Anthem is a bomb in the making and the rest will be EA sports and P2W garbage like Battlefront 2 stuff for the 10 people playing it and Battlefield V that broke away from everything in history that made Battlefield good.


Microsoft's show? Really unless it's Microsoft saying they are getting out of gaming forever I don't care. Really the Xbone is a massive failure I don't see why Microsoft is still around when Sony and Nintendo are on top.


Bethesda what a joke no TESVI. Two games no one wants at all Rage 2 and Failout 76. Really chances are we'll see more paid mods bull too.


Ubisoft yay more Assassin's Creed, Rabbits and Tom Clancy garbage.


Sony will have a huge great show this year however. Spiderman, FF7 Remastered, a ton of first and second party stuff. Add in Sony works well with the Indies I get the feeling Sony's show will be mindblowing as always.


Nintendo will have a good show as well they have never let anyone down at E3.

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I'm also looking forward to learn more about Anthem, if anybody can make that game interesting with deep story it's Bioware, they blew my mind with this game and here's hoping they can do the same with Anthem. I'm also looking forward to learn more about Fallout 76 as it's so early in the Fallout timeline, if the date on the pip-boy on the trailer is to be trusted, just 25 years after the great war it'll be a great opportunity to explore how society was in those first decades as well as how the environment looks. And hopefully we'll get an expansion or a patch announcement at E3 this year, if I recall last year we didn't got any mentions, although given the expansion is likely to drop next year I wouldn't be surprised if we had radio silence from SWTOR during E3.
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I flat out don't care about anthem. They can keep the Destiny clone that'll probably be full of mtx, and 10min of story.


I am looking forward to learning more about Spider-Man, Ghost of Tushima, and Cyberpunk 2077. I'm slightly curious about the "space RPG" from Bethesda that they hinted at last year.


I doubt SWTOR will get more than a mention.... if even that.

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So who here is excited about Anthem after they sold the game so well?


My hype for anthem is STILL nope... don't care


My hype for Cyberpunk 2077 went from 100 to 0 when they confirmed it's a FPS. I HATE FPS. :(


Aside from the fact that I don't see the point of a created character you'll rarely see, 1st person gameplay has never been fun to me. I don't play fps. (Last one I played was Goldeneye 007..... yea.... that long ago)


So while I hope the game does well, it's not for me.


That Ghost of Toshimia tho.... :eek:

That Spider-Man.... :eek:

That Madden.... :D

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If anyone *is* interested in that type of game, and you haven't heard of Warframe, check it out. (it's free to play)


Jedi Fallen Order? Why on earth would they make a NEW star wars game before they fix the one they already have?

SWTOR could use a LOT of dev help, and instead of assigning people to this game to help make it better, EA buys Respawn, closes Viscreal, and starts a new star wars game.


I'm ...not hopeful for the future of Bioware or Star Wars games.

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Cyberpunk 2077 has got me pumped. I LOVE the Deus EX series and that fact its a FPS doesn't bother me at all. I'm sure the game will have plenty of cut scenes to be able to see your character customization.


I love blade runner / noir vibe future worlds, so to see game really focusing on that and making it a huge giant open world is awesome. Can't wait.

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Jedi: Fallen Order


I was kind of expecting a Jedi-less game from Respawn Entertainment but I'm confident their game will be good even if it includes Jedi, light or dark side.


Respawn Entertainment was formed after a payment dispute with Activision by developers working at Infinity Ward. If you thought that name is familiar, it is, Infinity Ward, is the long time developer and studio that created Call of Duty series but haven't managed to make a good PC game since Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1.

Respawn made its own name with the two Titanfall games. Titanfall 1 was criticized for being multiplayer only. Titanfall 2 has been praised for its amazing single player, and noted as an underrated multiplayer AI enhanced experience.


Fallen Order was the best news out of EA's Press Conference but the announcement was delivered in the most awkward way:



I'm looking forward to EA getting roasted over what's been done to Command & Conquer series. Neutered to a mobile game experience.


EA previously canceled a full fledged C&C that ran on Frostbite to make that crappy mobile game.

this is what command and conquer generals 2 (frostbite engine) used to look like during a closed test phase:


this is the mobile game EA peddled at E3 and thought it could pass for C&C



EA's conference was the only one I watched live. I still have to catch up on VODs for the other conferences.

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