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Masters of Teras Kasi... now it's canon!


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I've touched on this suggestion before. The very idea of a melee class for non force users.


It's partially inspired by the blind martial artist in Rogue one, as well as noticing that most of us (but not all of us) throw away non light saber melee items, such as force pikes, vibro blades, electro staves, etc.


What I have suggested in the past, was based on a game I played on PlayStation 1, a "Mortal Kombat" tournament style game, called "Masters of Teras Kasi" (I can't be the only one who inwardly chuckled every time the announcer called out the name of the Gamorean "Hoar")


The suggestion turned into an idea for a playable class, either starting at a higher level,

(but Raph, what about the non subscribers?)

or at level 1 with their own storyline, not actually joining a faction until the end of the training planet where they must escape some sort of calamity... and must choose who to escape with.

(But Raph, they're not gonna rewrite content for starter level, Bioware HATES working for a living.)

(Besides Raph, that playstation 1 game is non canon)

Oh yeah? There is now a mention of Teras Kasi in the movies. Qui'ra, played by Emilia Clarke mentions she was trained in it.

(You just wait. I WILL derail you. I just gotta think about something else to whine about)


Before you get into Melee overpowering ranged, I'd split into three factions, go ahead with someone elses idea for classes to fill gaps, and go from there. Although I previously suggested a Teras Kasi monk being able to choose empire or republic at the end of the starter planet, it might be more smooth this way, with that other person's idea:



Jedi Knight

Jedi Consular

Republic Trooper

SIS Agent



Sith Warrior

Sith Inquisitor

Imperial Agent

Imperial Trooper




Bounty Hunter

Teras Kasi Monk

(Some class involving the Whills.. let's see what someone comes up with... I'm imagining a tinkerer/demolitions expert)



I don't wanna hear about your butt. Constructive criticism only, please.

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