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No More Descriptive, Color-Less Dye Names


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When I go searching for dye on the GTN, I usually do it by color.

IE: "Green", "green black", "dark red", and so forth.


Now we have useless names like --

Honorable General




Force Trainee

Fleet Commander

Deck Officer

Adept Pilot


What the heck? You can't filter these by color.

Many of them aren't intuitive -- what color is a Revolutionary dye kit?


Please go back to color-based names.

In fact, I'd love it if colors were added to these colorless names.

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There are different words for coloures.

This - and of course the book that is mentioned there ! - is a fine read about that matter : https://www.theguardian.com/books/2010/jun/12/language-glass-colour-guy-deutscher


There are even colour names you don't know about, because there's only a change in hue, saturation etc. ...

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