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For what there is guild bank unlock for preffered players,if it actualy not working ?


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This is actualy weird,and mostly not friendly option in swtor,friend bought guild bank unlock since his subscribe run off,and he wanted drop things into guild bank that he did not need since he wont be playing for now,only to discover he can only preview things in guild bank,not be able actualy acces it [i think he had or have officer rank].

So what exactly is the guild bank unlock for, if it actualy not working? Im aware there must be some security restrictions,but not be able do things that player actualy paid for ...[and its been actualy allowed by guild by assigned rank with certain allowed acces] thats weird.

He was not withdrawing he was trying put things into guild bank and only met warning message you are not authorized to acces this storage [even with unlock],basicly he was only able preview,but not able affect change,i dont think i need point out his bad mood about wasting his cartel coins for nothing.:confused: I would be angry as well i guess.


Ps: Also this preffered model after end of subscribe,if player search of game support its unclear if he can have any support,previous subscribe should matter as well.


Pps: And finaly do something about that if guild leader is no longer subscriber [or he not log in,within 30 days] that he lose his position,that is very unfair [to stay guild leader in my guild after my subscribe is over i need kick all guild members? that is bad joke ... :mad:]




Update/Edit: High probablity that player did have his guild rank downgraded by not having subscribe,[stil its weird ]and so buying the unlock was just waste of cartel coins. I wish i did not write this ...

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Unfortunately I currently don't have a friend with preferred status to test this myself with our guild bank, but the error message you posted is the standard message people receive, when the rules of who in the guild is allowed to access the different guild bank vaults deny them to put thing in or take out stuff from there.

So before treating this as a bug, make sure that your friend really does have the proper rights to access the guildbank.

That he is accessing the right vault for example. We have 4 vaults and only in the third and fourth people other than the guildleader and the second highest rank are allowed to do anything but see the contents. If anyone else tries to access vault 1 or 2, they get that message too, not matter if they are subscibers or preferred.


There is also another option a guild leader can use to restrict access, allowing only people with an active security tokens. Now as far as I know, preferred players can't set up a new security token but if they had it active when they still were subscibed it just stays active. But it could be a reason too why your friend is getting that error.



As for your second issue, while a guild leader can set officers to do a lot of the guild related stuff, there are still some important things only the guild leader can do, like setting rules for the bank access, ranks and what they can do within the guild, buying guild unlocks, strongholds, all that is only possible as guild leader.

With the guildleader gone for weeks or even forever if he/she maybe stops playing for good, the remaining guild is crippled in those matters.

Thus the 30 days automatic leader change. To enable active players to keep their community thriving.


Initially BW simply doesn't look at guilds as something being owned by the leader/founder but as a community and that community just needs someone to be able to do the stuff only a guildleader can do.

In most guild this shouldn't be that much of a problem, there should be enough trust that, if there is a scheduled time where the guildleader won't be able to log in, he/she simply give the lead over to someone else for that time and gets is back on his/her return.

If there isn't, then yes, the only possibility to stay the owner of a guild, if you think of it like that, is to remove everyone else from the guild.


Additionally there are the differences with subcriber guild and F2P guilds, the latter can't have a guild bank or a stronghold as far as I know, so if the guild has either or both, a preferred player can't be guild leader because they don't initally have access to those and simply wouldn't be able to organise anything with these, no unlocks nor rule setting.

The credit limit may play a role too, as BW probably didn't want people to circumvent it using a guild and it's bank.

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