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New Story Arc - Going back to Rep/Imp Conflict....


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A story-driven MMO can hardly survive without player input regarding content direction, as this, specifically, engages players in the story plot lines and gives them somewhat of a personal investment in the franchise, as well as, cement their loyalty to it.


PvP, Flashpoints, GSF, Conquests, events, are all side things that augment the main purpose of this MMO: Storytelling.


Players have had many issues with the story post Forged Alliances, as much of it felt distorted plot holes, and disconnected players, not only from their characters, but also, their companions and crew. I believe that this is a disease that has plagued the Star Wars franchise for a very long time: So, intent on surprising players that there is almost a complete divergence from the main plot and telling a new story altogether that does not connect with what has already been told.




Get players involved in the story-telling. Let us tell you what we'd like to see, where we'd like the story to go - - and listen actively. When you have an idea of where players want the story to go, and what they expect of their heroes, you will have a wellspring of inspiration to draw from, enabling you to fashion a story that players can feel they had a hand in. This is no longer Bioware; this is us - - we are Star wars : The Old Republic.




This new story arc should not see our characters going back to being low level lackeys. I believe that they should remain independent powers but allied to either the republic or the empire, for security reasons, having lost the eternal fleet.


I believe that Lord Scourge/ Nadia Grell/ Jaesa Willsaam should be Theron Shan's replacement as close adviser. Scourge would be a more suitable candidate given his centuries of experience.


Stop making Lana look incompetent; she's not. Instead of people revealing themselves to be "traitors," for example, let Lana discover who this/these people are. Let her be good at her job, because we know she is.


We need a new Villain. Someone who holds a grudge for our role in the Zakuul Conflict and the resulting galaxy-wide destruction. Odessen should remain our base of operations, while we collaborate with whichever side we are allied with to fend off attack. Though a new super villain, with minor Imp/Pub skirmishes would be more ideal. I'm looking at Darth Jadus.


We need actual planets with a storyline of its own and side quests. The content, post Makeb, is very sparse, compared to what we have received for level 1-55 ( we are getting less for the same price -- not cool).

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