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Dying a Heroic Death


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Revan dies in the Foundry fp


[Kael'vex essque]: that was cool

[bikadinir]: I wish I exploded into a lighting storm on defeat


And so here's my idea. What if you could blow yourself up on death. Why does dying have to be a bad thing? We all die every day, let's make death fun. When you die you blow up with an extra effect. Obviously sorcs/sins could get an electric discharge, a merc/trooper might go up in flames or have gear explode on them, jedi could have some sort of ghost appear for a moment and fade, just the same goofy effects we already have on weapons and toys existing. Make it a toy item like kicking the huttball (sell on cartel market or throw in a pack, give to everyone altruistically, who cares) ... Endless fun for party wipes and losing pvp battlegrounds!

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