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Glitch/Bug main hand lightsaber turned into off hand lightsaber.


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The Lightsaber you get when you start as a Jedi Guardian which is a main hand + off hand melee weapon has became strictly a off hand weapon. I was upgrading the mod, augment and hilt and it suddenly became a off hand only item and unequpped itself and now I cannot equip it back. It keeps stating invalid slot. I spent credits trying to remod it with item mods from main hand melee weapons but it still states off hand weapon only. I want my lightsaber I have had ever since I started playing swtor. I have started a ticket but I want this resolved. Any suggestions as to why this happend or how to fix it?
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The thing that usually causes this is inserting an offhand-only Hilt into a both-ways weapon. That seems to "taint" the weapon with "offhand".


If it is the orange one you crafted at the Forge at the end of the Tython class story, you could do this:

* Create a new Guardian.

* Run the new Guardian through to the end of the Tython story.

* Instead of equipping the "Forge" sabre, send it to your existing character.


It changed somewhere along the way (with 4.0, I think, although it might have been earlier), but the "starter world" orange weapons(1) are now Bound To Legacy instead of Binds on Pickup.


The same applies to the two pieces of story-linked gear that an Inquisitor collects during Chapter 1.


(1) For most classes. There are persistent reports of issues with the ones for Bounty Hunters.

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