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Koensayr mounts - changes


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hello all!


love the game, but please let me make a few suggestion regarding these mounts:


1) add a version which is black and red, and black and purple

alternatively, let us change their color in same fashion we do with lightsabers (using color crystals)


2) the Koensays Monocyle (the white/blue one) does not have a ground flicker of light as it moves, but the Revolution version (black/green one) does!

please add that ground light flicker the Koensayr Revolution has, to the white/blue version also


The ground flicker effect could even be made a purchasable effect in Cartel Market


3) To all Koensayrs, While moving, add a simple pulse animation to suggest moving forward. make the pulse accelerate or deccelerate gradually, as the the mount accelerates or decelerates

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