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Decorations Bugs - Persistent and New, with Spreadsheet Tool


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Some time ago I made this post here in this same forum, which linked to this Google docs spreadsheet I made that includes all of the game's decorations, filterable and sortable by category, source, name, donatability, and other factors too. I made this for my own use, but I sincerely believe it could be a help to the dev team in identifying where some of the bugs are. That older post explains how to use some filter combinations, but for this post I'm just going to straight up list some items that need attention.




Decorations that cannot be donated to guilds. Below this spoiler tag is a list of all the decorations that cannot currently be donated to guilds which I believe should be, because in all cases they belong to a source category where other decorations in that category are donatable. Such source categories include achievements, anniversary vendors, special event vendors, and even straight up Cartel Pack decorations (which should universally be available for guild donation purchase). I have highlighted the Cartel Pack decorations in the list as the most egregious, but please note that it's very frustrating to have some decos arbitrarily not donatable while others from the exact same vendor are (see the BBA event vendor as a good example of a deco inventory that seems needlessly split down the middle on donatable/non-donatable).




3rd Anniversary Fireworks Launcher

3rd Anniversary Galactic Memorial

After Shock Holo

Alem "Whisper" Reesus Holo

Ambient Machine: Birds

Ambient Machine: Party Chatter

Ambient Machine: Techlab

Ancient Rakata Terminal

Ancient Rakata Transporter

Arlaia Zayzen Holo

Art: 3rd Anniversary Celebration - Coruscant

Art: 3rd Anniversary Celebration - Dromund Kaas

Art: 3rd Anniversary Celebration - Korriban

Art: 3rd Anniversary Celebration - Nar Shaddaa

Art: 3rd Anniversary Celebration - Rishi

Art: 3rd Anniversary Celebration - Tatooine

Art: 3rd Anniversary Celebration - Tython

Art: 3rd Anniversary Celebration - Yavin 4

Art: Nerfs

Astromech Requisition

Breaktown Brawler Thades Gorkultok Holo

Caller in the Dark Holo

Chompers the Undying Holo

Circular Sign, Agent

Circular Sign, Consular

Circular Sign, Hunter

Circular Sign, Inquisitor

Circular Sign, Knight

Circular Sign, Smuggler

Circular Sign, Trooper

Circular Sign, Warrior

Combat Unit AZ-02 Holo

Commander Tassar Holo

Commemorative Statue of Valkorion

Conrad Om'wurt Holo

Contraband Slot Machine

D-5X Volitile Demolition Droid Holo

Daruula Grah Holo

Datacron: Dark vs. Light

Deactivated Skytrooper

Disintegrator (Ceiling)

Doom Droid Holo

Drake Raven Holo

Eternal Champion Zotar Holo

Flag: Alliance (Hanging)

Flag: Alliance (Standing)

Floor Safe

Galactic Alliance Statue

Gree Light (Blue)

Gree Light (Orange)

Gree Light Pillar (Blue)

Gree Light Pillar (Orange)

Gungus Boga Holo

Herald of Zildrog Holo

Imperial Walkers

Jai Quallo's Sand Worm Holo


King Crush Holo

Lanos Holo

Life Day Reveler

Life Day Wall Freezer Unit

Little Gut Holo

Master Ripper Holo

Medical Unit AZ-01 Holo

Model Umbaran Train

Nocturno Holo

Planter: Glowing Cave Fern

Plundered TC-16 Spewie Display Pedestal

Portable Zakuulan Sentry Turret

Poster: Galactic Starfighter

Poster: Galactic Strongholds

Poster: Knights of the Eternal Throne

Poster: Knights of the Fallen Empire

Poster: Rise of the Hutt Cartel

Poster: Shadow of Revan

Poster: The Old Republic

Potted Plant: Blooming Bud

Potted Plant: Lifeless Bud

Potted Plant: Yavin Fungus

Potted Tree: Rakata Palm (Duplicate Item in Flashpoints)

Propoganda: Fight for the Meatbags

Rakata Console

Rakata Generator

Rakata Guard Statue

Rakata Hanging Light (Blue)

Rakata Hanging Light (Yellow)

Rakata Mantelpiece (Purple)

Rakata Ruins

Rakata Warrior

Rakesh the Foul Holo

Republic Walkers

Ronum Minkus Holo

Scorpion TK Weapon Rack

Slot Machine: Smuggler's Gambit

Stacked Carbonite

Statue of Mandalore the Ultimate

Statue of the Spearman

Trained Iknayid Holo

Trophy Art: Alderaan Civil War

Trophy Art: Ancient Hypergate

Trophy Art: Huttball

Trophy Art: Kuat Drive Yards

Trophy Art: Novare Coast

Trophy Art: The Voidstar

Trophy Art: Yavin Ruins

Trophy Art: Yavin Ruins

Trophy: Colossal Monolith (HM)

Trophy: Colossal Monolith (SM)

Trophy: Golden Fury (HM)

Trophy: Golden Fury (SM)

Trophy: The Eyeles (HM)

Trophy: The Eyeles (SM)

Trophy: Xenoanalyst II (HM)

Trophy: Xenoanalyst II (SM)

Wall Safe

Weapon Rack: Bounty Brokers

XR-9 Scrambler Grenade in Suspension Chamber

Yavin Guard With Spear

Zakuulan Force Focus

Zakuulan Prototype Medical Probe



I didn't include the source for each deco in this section because the list is just too long, but you can find the source in the spreadsheet I linked to.




Decorations that are not dropping any longer (or ever have) from their respective Flashpoints. This one is a short list, but a thorn in the side for collectors.



Copero Resort Rug - A Traitor Among the Chiss FP

Dramath Holo - Nathema Conspiracy FP

Illumination Probe Crate - Blood Hunt FP

Valkorian Holo - Nathema Conspiracy FP





Decorations that list as their source already released Cartel Packs or Bundles, but which were not actually included in those packs. Please note that all the ones which state they are from the Plunderer, Wild Space, and Deepwater Essentials actually only appeared in the decorations inventory menu with the 5.9 patch (the other items have been in there for a long time). And I just want to say that these new items, most of which are personnel, are WONDERFUL. PLEASE RELEASE THEM. Do you know how LONG your RPers and your decorators have been waiting for a Hutt personnel deco and more military personnel decos???? For pity's sake RELEASE THEM.



Astromech: Alliance - Armed Resistance Command Pack

Battledroid: Alliance - Armed Resistance Command Pack

Black Sun Pirate (Male) - Plunderer Pack

Cathar Pirate (Female) - Plunderer Pack

Covered Light: Green - Armed Resistance Command Pack

Human Bounty Hunter (Female) - Plunderer Pack

Human Bounty Hunter (Male) - Plunderer Pack

Human Pirate (Female) - Plunderer Pack

Hutt Crime Boss - Plunderer Pack

Imperial Commando - Wild Space Pack

Imperial General - Wild Space Pack

Imperial Vanguard - Wild Space Pack

Mandalorian Scout - Plunderer Pack

Mandalorian Warrior - Plunderer Pack

Overcharged Iokath Transport Tube - Armed Resistance Command Pack

Republic Commando - Deepwater Essentials Bundle

Republic General - Deepwater Essentials Bundle

Republic Vanguard - Deepwater Essentials Bundle

SIS Agent (Female) - Deepwater Essentials Bundle

SIS Agent (Male) - Deepwater Essentials Bundle

SIS Commander - Deepwater Essentials Bundle

Sith Intelligence Cipher - Wild Space Pack

Sith Intelligence Keeper - Wild Space Pack

Sith Intelligence Watcher - Wild Space Pack

Sullustan Smuggler - Plunderer Pack

White Maw Pirate (Gran) - Plunderer Pack

Zabrak Mandalorian - Plunderer Pack

Zabrak Pirate (Male) - Plunderer Pack

Zakuul Console - Force Alliance Pack





Decorations that are super broken (as opposed to just functionality broken, which is the next category). This is a short list, and I'll explain for each item how it's broken.



Hanging Tree - Source: Nathema Conspiracy. This deco is using the model of a standing tree sticking at a 90 degree angle out of the wall. It would seem to have the wrong model applied to the name (or an inaccurate name and an incorrect deco hook applied to the model).


Hanging Vines - Source: Nathema Conspiracy. Shares name (exact same spelling and configuration) with a ceiling hook deco purchasable from Felusia Stato, and therefore cannot be pulled up in the deco UI unless you are selected on a wall hook (which is the correct hook type for this new deco). Because the deco cannot be viewed in the menu normally, it also can't be donated to a guild. As a side note, it also appears to be set at an incorrect angle as well, so that most of the deco seems to be disappearing into the wall.


Steam Distributor - Source: A Traitor Among the Chiss. Deco is in game and can be unlocked, but it only shows up in the deco inventory for some characters and not others. For example: on the same user account, this deco count shows correctly and it is placeable for a Bounty Hunter, but it shows as zero count and is not placeable (not even on the same hook in the same SH) for a Sith Warrior or a Jedi Consular. I have no idea what's wrong with this one in the coding, but something definitely is.





Decorations that are functionality broken.



Air Circulator - Source: A Traitor Among the Chiss. Clicking on the interactive node here does nothing.

Power Control - Source: A Traitor Among the Chiss. Clicking on the interactive node here does nothing.

Steam Distributor - Source: A Traitor Among the Chiss. Clicking on the interactive node here does nothing.

Large Field Generator - Source: Kaon Under Siege Flashpoint. You can click on the node to turn this off, but it cannot be turned back on again.

3rd Anniversary Fireworks Launcher - Source: 3rd Anniversary Vendor. You can click on the node to turn this on, but it cannot be turned back off again.





Decorations that have been in the decos inventory menu for ages but never put in the game. If these actually exist as decos please go ahead and release them, it's been years for some! If they don't exist as decos, for the sake of your collector players' OCD, maybe consider removing them from the inventory menu?



Corellian Zoo Decal

Corellian Zoo Poster

Decal: Recharge Area

Generator Node (Republic) - Generator Node (Imperial) is the only deco available on BOTH faction PVP vendors.

Heroic Weekly Mission Terminal

Heroic Weekly Mission Terminal (Imperial)

Heroic Weekly Mission Terminal (Republic)

Seeker Droid: Imperial

Seeker Droid: Republic

Sign: Danger

Sign: Keep Out

Sign: Watch

Starship Fuel Tank


Propaganda: Victory Protocols - Activated - I'll grant you that it's possible this deco exists in game. But as someone who has opened hundreds upon hundreds of Community Cantina Crates (which is the listed source for this deco), and who has gotten multiple copies of the Mandalore statue deco that drops from them, I have never once seen one of these, or seen anyone else with one either. Makes me fairly confident it may not actually exist?





To close, let me just add that the 5.9 update also added decos to the inventory menu that had as their listed source an Underworld Personnel Bundle, a Cantina Performers Personnel Bundle, and a Mandalorian's War Camp Decoration Bundle. These decos look amazing, I desperately want ALL of them, PLEASE release them!!! With the new SH, yes? Pretty pretty please???

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