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SWTOR Galactic Market Kiosk - Items Identification Sold to Opposing Forces!


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I would like to see a Change made to After you have Sold a Item on the SWTOR Galactic Market Kiosk, and the said item has been Sold to someone from the Opposing Forces from you, but when you get the Sold Email it now doesn't have Identification of the Buyer or the Item that you Sold. I couldn't care less about who bought the item really, but the Item i Sold on the SWTOR Galactic Market Kiosk i would Love to know it's Sold Identification so i know which Item i Now have to Replace out of the Potential 100 Items i have had up for Auction on the SWTOR Galactic Market Kiosk, so having the Sold Items Identification would make things a Lot Faster, in by doing so allowing be returning me to my Game Play Faster!
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