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Suggestion: Freely explorable Content for the Late Game


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I loved the whole SWTOR storyline a lot, but as soon as it's over I felt like everything what's left are raids or pvp. And making a lot old H2 Quest for Comand Ranks. I don't like anything of this. :/ I wish there were some more open planets for exploring, collection some achievements, perhaps completing a long lasting questline for building up some assistance for the alliance or something.. where single steps took a while.

For example the "Traitor among the Chiss" - FP was such a great area, I really wished this one as a more open map. And there are lot races who should have a home planet, where we could explore their culture. Like we did on voss.

Or exploring the space itself, as choosing like.. 5 companions from our big alliance crew, which are entering our really sad and empty spaceship again.

The idea to earn another stronghold (like the umbara train) was also really good too by the way. But doing this by completing the same FP over and over again? I am not jumping up and down about it.. Build up reputation with some species to buy a home on their planat would be much more interesting.

I don't know, I feel like Bioware has a lot nice story ideas. But an MMO needs also long term activity. A lot. And mixed up with some of this nice storys, it would be soo great. Imagine how long we could have played the whole Eternal Throne story, if there where some parts in between the chapters, where we need to build up the alliance camp on our own. By collection materials in any way. Or making the wild area more safe first. Completing a achievement. And yeah, this can took a while. I think we would feel rewarded by making the next story part available like this.

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