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[Event Invitation] Wacky Races


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Time for our next experimental server event and you are all invited! This one is called Wacky Races and if you ever watched

then you'll have an idea of what to expect :)


We have selected five race courses from across the galaxy and all you have to do is get from the starting point, through all the check points and reach the finish. Easy...if you can survive!


We are looking for two sets of people. One lot who want to run the race and claim the bigger prizes and another group who we've dubbed "the killers" whose job it is to stop the racers from reaching the finish line. As with the cartoon, there is nothing stopping the racers from eliminating their competition!


Prizes For Each Stage

  • First 5 racers each win 5 million credits and a chance cube
  • If the killers prevent all the racers from completing the course then the top 5 /rollers in the killers ops chat each win a chance cube
  • If we have more than 1 killers ops group then it is the top 5 rolls across all groups plus an extra chance cube for highest roll in each group
  • You can win more than once so for instance if you are in the first 5 of every race you end up with 25 million credits
  • Kills counts towards the I Am Death Incarnate and planet based PvP kill achievements


How To Join

This event is open to people on both factions. You do not have to be a guild member. We will advertise racer and killer group invites on both fleets at the event start time and once the groups are complete we will summon you to each location.



Sunday 13th at 13:00 BST / 12:00 UTC. Event duration is expected to be around 2 hours.



  • Prizes will be given to the first 5 racers to survive to the end of the course and /clap at their ops group leader in general chat (we use the chat log timestamp for decision making)
  • You must be in either our racers or killers ops groups to win prizes
  • If a racer dies then they lose that course
  • A dead racer can revive to seek revenge...
  • Racers can have their friends come and defend them
  • No quick traveling for racers before they are dead but the killers can
  • No summons for racers after we've brought you to the starting point
  • Killers can summon each other as much as they want
  • Racers can be on foot or on their mounts
  • Racers must pass all the checkpoints! (We will be watching)
  • Killers must contribute to the hunt or they will be kicked to make room for others
  • Players from both factions welcome, we'll have ops groups on both sides
  • All abilities including gap closers are allowed
  • Stealth allowed
  • Guild ship orbital support is allowed
  • Stims, adrenals and medpacs allowed
  • Companions allowed
  • Heroic abilities/defenses allowed
  • All mounts allowed
  • All levels welcome
  • We recommend you purchase speeder unlock level 5 from the legacy character perks panel


Voice Comms

We will have dedicated channels on our teamspeak server for both the racers and the killers. Spectators are welcome. We'll give out connection details on the day.


Video Streams

If you are going to stream the event then please post a link to your channel below so spectators can see the action.


Race Courses

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The Wacky Racers have crossed the finish line! We had one group of killers on Rep side and one group of racers on Imp side. It was great fun to watch the race but even cooler to hear all the teamwork from both sides in teamspeak. 95 million in credits and 27 chance cube were awarded. We learned a few lessons so next time should be even better. See you all there 👍
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