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Stronghold Defender weapons not on sale in collections?

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I know these weren't working at all in collections and have just been fixed, but it would be very nice if they were part of the current 50% off sale. Right now they are still 400cc a piece :(



Also, in case Keith, Charles, or anyone else from Bioware (When is Musco coming back? :D) sees this, there is at least a few items with the wrong collection unlock prices.


Bronze items not on sale (60cc):


emote: chair 5

emote: thrash



Bronze items "on sale" for 120cc:


emote: no bones



Silver items not on sale (240cc):


defiant technographer's blaster

defiant technographer's offhand blaster

defiant technographer's blaster rifle

defiant technographer's sniper rifle

portable relaxation unit (regen)


Silver items "on sale" for 200cc:





Gold items not on sale (400cc):


creature companion: tuk'ata

remote control ebon hawk (regen)



Gold items "on sale" for 300cc:


recon trooper armor set



Probably plenty of other incorrect items, but that's all I've noticed. If you know of other items that are priced higher than they are supposed to be, you can post them here in the hopes that it gets fixed.

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Thanks, I already have that unlocked so I couldn't see the price.


There is still a few days left in the sale and I really want to unlock those stronghold defender weapons, but don't have enough CC to pay full price. :(:(:(


I remember at some point last year they corrected a bunch of prices during a sale.

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