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Origin Companion Customization Terminals:


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Greetings Exalted Ones,


I've always wanted to be able to customize my companions before meeting them in the origin stories, especially on my alts, and I just thought of a way that it might be possible. Before getting my returning companions, I would use the companion terminal on Odessen to change their appearance before the missions i.e.: Aric Jorgan, Raina Temple, and Malavai Quinn. If we could get companion terminals as stronghold decorations or perhaps have some placed on the fleet/starting worlds that allow those of us who wish to break the immersion temporarily in order to customize our companions before they are first encountered in the origin stories. I think this could be a great addition to the game and I'm not alone, I have talked to others who think this would be a nice addition if it could be done. An example would be creating a new Jedi Knight and having access to Kira Carsen early and using putting customization option 9 or 10 from the cartel market. That way when she is first encountered in the story, she will have whatever appearance was used, as opposed to having the default appearance. In addition to these terminals, a vendor like the one from Ilum that sells all the customizations could be added to the fleet or starting worlds so we don't have to wait to get a ship which requires the story to be progressed. New origin companion appearances would also be a nice addition. These are just some thoughts I've had as I update my character spreadsheets and prepare for what I'm betting will be a new expansion this Fall.


Remember the Force will be with you, always.

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