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<The Jedi/Sith Order> Seeking New RP Members!


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Star-Forged Gaming

The Jedi/Sith Order

Star Forge Server


Hey everyone,


We are a long-running community of Role-Players with experience since Star Wars: The Old Republic started.


We are currently, and always, seeking new members to Roleplay with in SwToR. A lot of our old members left and we are looking to refill the ranks and spark more and new activity! We offer a general Guild Story on top of Member-Driven Story Arcs that everyone can attend and create! We encourage everyone to help others, attend them, interact in new ways, and even make your own so that others can see your potential!


Our Sister Guilds in Imperial and Republic Factions both include a detailed progression system from the lowest rank to the highest, creating a sense of accomplishment. The Guild Title is a bit misleading, but we offer various types of Character Roleplay; From Jedi and Sith, to Military Minds, to Pilots of both official and unofficial license, to the seedier parts of the Galaxy and back again. there's room for everyone and their preferences!


If you feel as if you're not sure about our community, feel free to try us out! We welcome such. And if our Star Wars RP isn't for you, we even began expanding out to other MMORPGs! Those currently being Guild Wars 2 and World of Warcraft, where we spend our time when not playing SWTOR.


If you just feel like posting some memes and having some laughs, you can also feel free to join our discord once you become a member!


To get started and register, go to our website at starforged-gaming.enjin.com. Or you can attempt to contact members at any time on both factions and we'll be willing to help you and answer any questions you may have.


May the Force, or whatever you believe in, be with you.

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