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DLC Idea Invasion of Kashyyyk


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://: Invasion on kashyyyk://:

After the alliance begins to break down we rejoin our respective parties at their side of the conflict. The major idea of this DLC is that a branch of the war stalkers have decided to invade Kashyyk to hunt the wookies for sport. seeing opportunity to launch an invasion on coruscant again, the empire seeks to aid the war stalkers in their hunt and crush the local republic outpost. The republic seek to repel the empire and help kashyyyk in order to secure their borders aswell as make an ally in the process.


://: Content ://:

Playable races: :sy_havoc:

Wookie - Republic hero class

Trandoshan - Imperial hero class

Hero classes - Improved base stats on the character al around but, since their physical appearance withholds them from actually equipping most armor they gain a natural boost to most stats. Also adding racial taunts for wookies and trandoshans.


://: Flashpoints ://:

imperial invasion of Kashyyyk - the imperial story flashpoint based on invading the planet

Republic Defense of Kashyyyk - the republic story flashpoint based on defending against the empire's invasion

Forest floor - a journey into the forest floor of kashyyyk to hunt for lost treasure and glory


://: Operations ://: :sy_title:

Wookie Village imp/republic - an operation based on the liberation of a major wookie settlement from czerka slavers who seek to sell the wookies as laborers. For the republic they would be fighting czerka for the wookies to be free, where as the empire would be fighting cerka for the wookie slaves themselves.


://: Comapnions ://: :sy_companion:

:w_cool: -name- -Race- Wookie: A wookie mystic strong in the force but have never been trained in it. He just gets visions about the coming dangers of the forest aswell as being able to calm beasts.

:tran_cool: -Name- -Race- Trandoshan: A trandoshan hunter who wishes to hunt deeper in the forests for greater creatures to bring back for the glory of the scorekeeper.


://: items ://: :sy_backpack:

etc... armors, mounts, weapons.

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