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Update 5.9 Three THUMBS UP!!!


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I wouldn't say it's perfect. But I will say I am very pleased with the changes they made. Only thing I do not like was the changes for tanks. But the rest I'd say is good! I like how conquest works now, how they changed the conquest window and the way completed tasks are highlighted.


The new schematic augments are not hard to get and that they seem to be reasonably available for purchase. I would prefer if the 240 legendary augments gave more stats but they're fine the way they are.


I originally planned to kill off Theron (1st chance I get) but the once ruthless Arcann pleaded me to reconsider.. I guess you can say I've gone soft.


I like where the game is headed with these changes. Hopefully many great things more to come.


Thanks BW!! Love update 5.9!!

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