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<imp> Pureblood Looking for RP Guild


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Good afternoon/morning/evening!


My character is a Pureblood Sith who practices and teaches the Ancient Sith ways. She is looking for a Sith-oriented guild in which to lend herself to whilst acquiring further knowledge and power in her own pursuits. I am looking for a guild that is active, it doesn't have to be large or old, but a guild with promise is best. The things I look for in a guild are as follows:


1.) A proper understanding of Sith and SWTOR lore

2.) Opportunity for character and player growth

3.) An interest (mild or moderate) in the game play itself

4.) Regular guild RP opportunities or events (I know events can be hard to put together with few members, but I am willing to help!)


If you think you have or know the guild for me, please whisper me in game or send me an in-game mail at Azaertae or you may contact me via Discord at LittlePond#3134

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