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One Ziost instanced area preventing finishing a quest, forcing to log out and back in


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In ziost I usually do a cycle through the dailies.

There is a mission I deliver at the end, one in which I have to use a table indoors back in the base to deliver the info to either Galactic Command (light choice) or sell for credits to somebody (dark choice). I get stuck with the dialog icon over my character's head and I have to log out and then back to finish that.

I believe it happens because of the mission granted by a datapad by a road that sends you into an instance area to reconstruct the past (the mission's name is something like that). I remember years ago if you left an instanced area through quicktravle you had to log out and back because you then couldn't interact with it, I wonder if that's some off product of that that has not been removed yet?

Though I did them once with a second character and I didn't need to do it. Perhaps it's something with kinetic combat shadow class? Or jedi knight is the one free of it?

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