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SWTOR Romances stopped working


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So I played through Star Wars Knights of the Eternal Throne then I watched some YouTube videos of the romances in Star Wars Knights of the Eternal Throne and realized I was missing some romance scenes with Lana Beniko my romance in the game?


When I first played Star Wars Knights of the Eternal Throne Lana was practically flirting with me non stop when my guy was unthawed by her in the third chapter then as I played the game further I found I had less and less flirt options with her along with the other romance options of Theron and Koth also?


Once I got to after the Gravestone left Alysum but before boarding Arcanna’s ship I had my last flirt scene with Lana where I think I was about to kiss her then Koth showed up and knocked some stuff over practically keeping Lana and I from getting private.


From the beginning of the attack on Voss all the way the very end of Knights of the Eternal Throne, I had no romantic scenes or flirt options with Lana or anyone else?


I was hoping to kicked the **** out of Valkorian then return to Lana for some private time but I never got it?


Like what the heck happened to my romantic storyline with Lana later in the game?


Like is there a way to fix this? Cause I want the developers to patch the heck out of this if this was a in game bug and make Lana be all over me and never have her stop wanting me.


I was watching on YouTube and I never had a scene where Lana and Theron were with me in the Eternal Throne room but instead I got stuck with Senya and her disfigured son Arcanna? Like am I missing something do I need to buy Lana something to boost our love? I cheated on Kira to be with Lana as Lana has got to be the most beautiful female character in all of SWTOR and I want her to be mine and no one else.

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Spoiler tags because spoilers.



There is a point during Chapter 9 of Fallen Empire where you're told to relax in the cantina and a cutscene plays with Theron, Lana, Koth, and your PC. During the cutscene you'll be given two dialogue options:

  1. I need to see one of you.
  2. [Flirt] I need to see one of you.

Whichever option you choose you then have to choose among the three (or two if one takes off). If you didn't choose the flirt option, followed by the second flirt option (upon which you'll be given a warning that you're about to start a romance with the chosen NPC), then you missed your chance to start a romance with Lana. I don't know if that's what happened in your case, but I suspect you didn't choose the two flirt options.


Unfortunately, if you didn't get, and confirm, the warning about starting a romance then you are out of luck.


As far as who goes with you to the throne room that depends on whether you let Senya live or not. If Senya and Arcane are alive then they go with you. If they're dead then Theron and Lana go with you. If Theron and Lana were with you then you must have chosen to kill Senya on Voss.


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