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revan reborn armor set

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Tell pls some1 on weekend i saw revan reborn armor set in cartel market and q is where is set going?


SW TOR --- DEAR Bio EA ..


Monsieur or mesdames


your marketing can be somewhat sithy. as you tend to release on odd days for school years for the Americas.

to wit summer vacation is a period traditionally 3 months in june-septembre of ones year.. also the traditional work week is mon-fri.. Ending of starting anything odd days out.. impact the PT work force paydays.. available to partake in the down week of the cycle limiting your CArtel potential and leaving peeps out. So untapped saving tips peeps caught in a grumpy lag of tippers.. waiting longing yearning for "that Cute "REVAN LOOK!" sales end oddly and your start everything on a tuesday is not good.

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