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Bring Mako back with sgr


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Yeah.. I know, Kaliyo was pretty much designed to say *no, even the obviously originally bi girl will still not date you*


But seriously.. There is literally no one my fem-hunter could conceivably be interested in outside of Mako and Shae, to the point where she threatens to shoot Torian if he hurts Mako as a blessing on their relationship in my pure head-canon "i want my beloved to be happy." trope moment.. which ends up not working out anyway, one wonders why..


Mako is flat out the most important person most even remotely light hunters have regardless of gender, and... seriously.. Mako /hacked the game/ at one point trying to make herself a possibility for female hunters (imagine my shock when I notice I can chat with Mako and it starts up the first romance scene on my fem-hunter before the game freaks out) it is /meant to be by the characters own decision to rage against her programming for love! She's literally going to become the next (just) Monika one day if you deny her!/


honestly.. you've got all these characters coming back, why not have them come back with a bit of added diversity x.x even if we never do get it in the vanilla game (all of my hurt for that, your fanbase obviously isn't going anywhere at this point, I'd make several new characters for more romances.) like we could have.


Lana... is too dark for my absurdly pure sage, and too anti-mando for my hunter, Akaavi Sparr could be a good one, (certainly not romancing Riggs..) or Nadia could have been really sweet, or crazy try everything Jaesa if i ever had a darkide kill everything warrior. About the only character Lana fits is my inquisitor.

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Her character has already been established, nobody just all-of-a-sudden becomes gay. They should never go back and make old companions queer, new ones sure, but the old ones are the way they are and that's ok and that's how it should remain.

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durrr... +1



she already "suddenly became bi" not gay very different things going on there.

as mentioned in my previous post, even though that was a joke about how Mako was almost available for girls due to a bug.


I'd buy in to that logic of yours if all the classes got their own unique storylines again that introduced characters that actually /fit/ each class and that were unique. Heck I would love that, I find it difficult to get emotionally invested in playing out the same romance over and over and over again with the same person on every character no matter how much that person wouldn't fit, thus why most all of my female characters are single (besides the fact that most of their available love interests are kind of slimy besides Torian)


Heck if we got solo storylines based on class back that brought back some old characters and introduced some new characters that would be /great/ I'd /love that/ I'd be thrilled to have people on my ship again, I can imagine a hunter getting a few new crew members and if a couple are player-sexual characters that fit the class that's great!


But is that ever going to happen? Are we ever actually going to get those storylines where we get personal interactions with a small group of people rather than a sea of companions you only really get to talk to once? Probably not any time soon, and that doesn't leave much in the way of options as far as getting all that invested in new characters that you have zero chemistry or history with. I'm not a fan of *meet and immediately flirt with someone you have nothing in common with* romances


A lot can change or be discovered when someone is alone after their best friend spends five years frozen in carbonite and very few of the characters in game are much more than twenty years old when you first meet. And not one of the aforementioned characters would be unreasonable, /especially Nadia and Mako/


Heck... it would make significantly /more/ sense for Nadia to be an available romance option /after/ the character story.. because frankly no matter how hard they tried to make it not creepy the male romance was creepy.. and five years of moving past her trauma and growing up would help significantly, I actually loved the interactions with Nadia on my fem-sage and they still got ship teasy with how attached Nadia is.


Furthermore :p don't discredit the power of thinking you lost someone forever to make you have to evaluate exactly what your feelings for someone are, if you try telling me that not one of the companions thought they lost the person they were closest to and realized that they loved that person I'd have to call you a liar.


Kira is more like a best buddy

Vette is a sister figure

Elara is definitely buttoned up straight and a comrade

I'm not going to argue cases like that


But Nadia?


Darkside Jaesa? *shudders*


possibly Risha?

they are waaaay more open to interpretation

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Two out of four of my characters getting something new is fine with me, at least it's more than what they had previously, even if my hunter is still going to be alone >.>... because Akaavi stole my Mako.. which... it's Akaavi, I don't blame Mako.


I get my sage-romance at least, finally, and without the male romances awkwardness just the way I head-canon it already post vanilla storyline.

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