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<Demolition> is looking for new raiders!


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Hello there!


<Demolition> is recruiting new and interested raiders to join our Storymode Operations team on the imperial side of the Darth Malgus server.

The intention is to give new players/ new raiders a safe environment and guidance through the basics of raiding, so they can easily queue for group finder ops themselves.

We’re currently looking for 1 Off-Tank, 2 Damage Dealers and 2 Healers, but all interested players are welcome!

Raid times: Tuesdays@19:30 CEST.



Here’s some additional info about us:


1. Our guild is a mix of Nightmare/ Master mode raiders and casual/ social players. Since there has been an increased interest from these social players to try out raiding, we decided to make a team for them.

2. The current situation is: We have some frequent SM raid attendees that make up the bulk of our SM Team (all of which are newer players/ raiders) and some other players (newer players as well as veterans) who are back-ups/ not attending regularily.

3. As of now, we have 8+ members, but we're still adding more to the team. By "overbooking" we can make sure there is (almost) always a raid, even if people don't show up. But this also means we have a first come, first serve policy in the case of an overflow: the first 8 people (respecting roles) to sign up can raid that week.

4. Our NiM/MM raiders join from time to time as well, especially if we expect there to be issues in clearing a certain fight or to explain mechanics if there's a lot of first-timers. Together we do the group finder operation (or any other SM ops that the Team Leader decides on) each Friday at 19:00 CEST, where we go over the tactics of each fight that we encounter.


Ideally, we would like to get the Team to a level where our NiM/MM raiders don’t have to join on a regular basis anymore, which would give the SM team more freedom in scheduling raids etc.


Here’s what we’re looking for:


1. We’re looking for active, friendly, patient people to join the team. New and returning players/ raiders are welcome alike!

2. You also need to have a Level 70 character on the imp side of the Darth Malgus server, as well as be an active subscriber (sorry, that’s up to BioWare, not us).

3. You must be willing and able to join our discord voice chat, although you don’t necessarily have to talk if you’re shy or don’t want to for some other reason. But being able to hear us will help immensely.

4. You won’t be required to sign as attending for every raid, but we expect you to show up (on time!) if you sign as attending for a specific raid. Also we expect you to sign as "not attending" if you know that you won't be joining.

5. You should be willing to put some work in before each raid and go over the materials we will provide (usually takes 20-40 mins). You don’t necessarily have to understand everything the first time you see it, but it will help you build a picture of what’s going to happen.


Here’s what we don’t expect from you:


1. You don’t have to have any kind of experience with raiding, be it SWTOR or any other game.

2. We don’t expect you to know anything, but we expect you to ask if something is unclear, or to look it up yourself if you’re the ‘lonely wolf’-type of person.



Here’s what we provide:


1. A friendly, safe environment where you can learn and improve as a player.

2. Training and lots of resources for everything you need to know.

3. Guaranteed clearing of any operation that you’re a part of.

4. Opportunities beyond storymode raiding, either in the form of a Hard mode/ Veteran Mode Progression Team, or just filling in whenever we run casual HMs (provided your skill is high enough at that point).




If you're interested, feel free to contact us!



Me (GM)

Discord Zarr#2693

In-game Zarr'ock (per Mail or whisper)

In-game Zarrauder (per Mail or whisper)


Our recruitment officer

Discord Ash#8506

In-game Ashwairi (per Mail or whisper)

In-game Iriwashi (per Mail or whisper)


Our SM Team Leader

Discord Alexándros#5160

In-game Alexándros (per Mail or whisper)

In-game Basillias (per Mail or whisper)




I'm looking forward to hear from you! :)


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