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Zone Disruptions in Ranked PvP Warzones Warning


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Recently I received an email from Swtor that informed me that I had been found in violation of the terms of service. The violation- Zone Disruptions. Having no Idea what this meant I looked up what Zone Disruptions was on Help.ea.com. This is what I found.

Zone Disruptions: This refers to disrupting locations within the game so that it inhibits the play of or provides a level of disruption to other players. this can include excessive disruption of player sponsored events or gatherings, exvessive use of sounds or visuals,blocking areas of the game, pulling creatures over and over so no one else may kill them, and killing specific vendors, key creatures or quest givers for no reason other than to cause disruption or 'grief' to others.

After reading this I still had no Idea what I had done that deserved a warning. So I sent an email back asking for more details. The response I received said, The sanction on your account pertains to the following violation:


Zone Disruptions in Ranked PvP Warzones.


Having completed a thorough investigation into your account and the complaint that you have made, we must advise that your account was sanctioned correctly, in full compliance with our policies and procedures. Following our review into the actions taken on your account we wish to confirm that we shall not be removing this warning from your account.




This still did not tell me what I had done to receive the warning. Not only that but I can only think of 2 reasons why I would receive a warning for Zone Disruptions in Ranked PvP Warzones. 1. I am bad at Ranked pvp (how is this a reason to get a warning attached to my account). 2. I forgot that I was queued for a match when I left my computer with the game running. (Unlike most queues when the confirmation timer ends without a enter or leave entered it forces you out of the queue. Ranked enters you into the match.)


I have only ever done around 20 Ranked matches. I won a few, but lost most. I stopped playing when another player told me that I should not do ranked until I had fully augmented gear.

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