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Seeking RP Guilds


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~*~ Adult Role Player Seeks Like Minded Role Players ~*~


Who am I:

I am an old fart who loves the game. I play both factions, and am a pretty serious role player. Yes, I could just play the game and have a grand old time, but what I really enjoy is the role play. I love to tell stories through RP, journal post, and short story posts. I have played on both of the RP servers, but stayed mostly around the Ebon Hawk, before the merger. I would prefer to find a guild or guilds with a more.. mature? level of people. Nothing against the younglings, but us old farts need to stick together!


What am I looking for:

I would like to find a solid group of role players with a guild on each faction. I have stories to tell! Activity is very important to me. RPing once every other week isn't going to cut it. And sitting around in a bar drinking and making small talk is just boring. Activity.. events.. this is what I am looking for. And I can help run them!


The story I want to tell:

Almost all of my characters are related. The story I am interested in telling surrounds three brothers. A spy, a soldier, and a bounty hunter. Two brothers fight for the Republic, one a respected soldier with a very solid reputation. The other a shady agent of the SIS. The third brother is a bounty hunter working mainly in Imperial space, because of his profession. He isn't a soldier, a spy, a mando, or anything like that. He is just a man who is good with his guns, and hunts people ...for money.


Other interests:

I am interested in most of the aspects of the game outside of PvP. I don't PvP.. I stink at it.. and I don't enjoy it, so it is better just to keep my non-pvping behind out of the way and leave that content for players who enjoy it. I like raids, heroics, story content, and role play.. and more role play.. and did I mention role play? Okay, good.


So, if interested hit me up.

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