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Senya's Lightsaber Pike Bug


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Over half of Senya's Lightsaber Pike has a bug that causes it to randomly change color and shading when it is not being used. It is especially noticeable in cut scenes. It's kind of annoying since I paid quite a bit for it. Anyone else noticing this?


Screenshots included below:





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Yes. Part of it sometimes disappears as well when it's worn on the back.

The same is true of any other weapon with a "moving part".



* Spewie

* The Kingpin Assault Cannon from the Nightlife event vendors

* Senya's pike (the cold end telescopes to reach full length)

* Tyth's pike (the cold end unscrews to reach full length)

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After playing some more, it seems that the bug has something to do with shading complexity, because the color change typically happens when moving into a place where "the shade" is different. (i.e. the fleet stations where lighting is recessed, dark places, or places with shadows). As to why entering a conversation causes a change I don't know. Sometimes it will look normal before entering the conversation, but turns all sorts of weird colors once the conversation starts.
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