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<Seven Stuck> Selling IZAX Veteran Mode 5.8

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Server: Tulak Hord

Special rewards from boss that will only be available during 5.8 patch.

Unique tittle for your character, special legacy rewards, which will come with patch 5.9.


What you get:

<Defeating Izax (16-Person Veteran)>

<Strike Team: Defeating Izax (16-Person Veteran)> (limited time achievement)>

<Super Dodgeclaw>

<Par Three>


PRICE: on demand


Message "Exutor#3487" on discord or ingame "Veesh" if interested.

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Ah the joys of zimbabwanian like inflation.


I guess we really need see a game wide slash in credits. (divide all current credits by 1 million or something)

The fact that there are people around who can muster this amount of cash is enough to point out how broken the SWTOR economic is currently.


And no offense nor hard feelings to you lot from Seven Stuck btw. If people are willing to pay this amount than obviously go for it. Would be crazy to not do.

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