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SWTOR needs more flirt options with Satele Shan

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I have been playing SWTOR for awhile and I have to say Grand Master Satele Shan is hot mainly in the cinematic trailers but over all she is pretty attractive in game here and there despite a few players of SWTOR here and there saying she isn’t as pretty in game and kinda old and not that attractive which to me is just dumb.


I think Satele even if she is an older female character in game is still pretty attractive, it is just that in game she isn’t rendered that good compared to the cinematic trailers.


How old is Satele in the game anyways? Cause pardon me for saying this but Satele Shan is kinda of a **** in my opinion and while playing SWTOR even with the expansions I kinda wish there was more options for me as a players to flirt with her.


I think it would be kinda funny if you had a conversation option in game for SWTOR in the near future where if you flirt with Satele and you have Theron (Satele’s son) with you as your companion he gets an angry reaction and calls your character a nerf herder then could punch your character in the face or something?


I am just being silly but I think it would cool if SWTOR could let you flirt with Satele Shan more in future SWTOR conversations for a future expansions or something also it would be funny just to piss Theron in the game by flirting with his mom.


To me Satele Shan is like the Stifler’s mom of Star Wars; that older lady you just want to go on a date with lol 😂

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