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Looking for a guild.


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Hey, i'm looking for an active guild on DM, here's what i have to offer:


lvl 70 full 248 BH ( dps merc) with some OPs experience

lvl 70 almost full 242 PT ( dps)

lvl 70 JC, 230 gear, dps sage

lvl 70 smuggler, 230 gear, dps dirty fighting spec

lvl 70 trooper, 240 gear, dps



If anyone is interested, pls leave a message here or send a message in game to Lokianna.


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if it could interest you. We created a new guild a couple of days ago: It's called The Second Sons. We are only 3 players (10 members including our characters) We do not offer many advantages. Let's say that our main purpose is to create a beautiful community of players and fans.



if you are interested or want additional information contact me here or in the game

Eithné silvereyes in DM server

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I am a member of Rapid Serenity and love it there. We are a large guild with about 20 people on a night and had different branches to cover almost all the end game activities in SWTOR.


You can click my sig to go to our website and look around. Any questions feel free to PM me or ask an officer on our site .

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