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West Coast Jugg Tank Looking for a new SWTOR Family


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I'm a long term player, subbed since beginning. The guild I was in sadly died off last summer just before Gods of the Machine launched. I stuck it out a long time as there were assurance of rebuilding, but that hasn't happened, so now I am looking for a new home. I work West Coast, and am not available until about 7:30pm Pacific time Weeknights, with a much more flexible weekend schedule. I do enjoy a variety of content, but most enjoy Flashpoints/Uprisings/Ops. I also enjoy the story and alts, and have about 15 characters, though my Jugg is my favorite by far, and most taken care of. I like to be a team player, and am always happy to share my knowledge, as well as always wanting to learn and do better as well.



What I am looking for in a guild is a group that is active, helpful, and likes to complete activities together. Being able to have fun, but also wanting to learn and complete new or more difficult levels of content, and to seek out some of the more hidden content would be a plus. If there is some provision for alts or a Republic sister guild, for pub alts, those would be a great bonus, but aren't essential.


I'm hard to find in game these days as I am bouncing around alts a lot, so if interested send me a forum PM and I will make arrangements to meet you in game.

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