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Recruiting Chinese players


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We are a group of Chinese players, mostly from Taiwan and Hong Kong, looking for players to grow with us. (・∀・)


Recent screenshots and videos: https://forum.gamer.com.tw/Co.php?bsn=16471&sn=2866


We have a Chinese (Traditional) discord, and we speak Mandarine in operations. These are the language requirements.

Story/Vet Operations and Master Flashpoints/Uprisings on both sides we do, currently without a fixed schedule.


Having a veteran guides you through operations in your native (or near native) tongue makes quite a difference.

We are progressing towards harder vet ops (e.g. hm ToS), and can use a few more regulars; we usually form at 10pm (GMT+8).

If you do join, StarParse and raid stats are mandatory, and we can teach how. (*ゝω・)ノ


Even if you don't or can't do operations, you are welcomed to join if you speak Chinese.

Oh, and please don't explode on politic talk from Taiwan's point of view. (ノ`□´)ノ⌒┻━┻



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