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Hi I recently returned to the game since playing back at release and needless to say the game has changed alot in these years and i am feeling kind of lost i was hoping to find a friendly guild and some friendly members of the community who are happy to help out a newbie and show me the ropes as when i enter flash points I do not really have a clue what iIam doing and I just follow the crowd.


I am hoping to get into the harder content of the game at cap as that is where i enjoy mmo's the most I have been a long time mythic raider in wow and i still play it tho since clearing the most recent tier the burn our has been real and I was looking for something to play and enjoy on the side and as a massive fan of the star wars universe this was a no brainier.


Thank you for your time :o

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Are you Rep or Imp side mostly?


You're welcome to hit us up - we're a small Imperial-side guild made up of vets, returning players and total newbies. Not loads of people on at a time (about 5 or 6 at most!) but those that are and friendly, talkative and happy to answer questions/run stuff you need. Whle we're raid-focused we also run a fair amount of flashpoints and pvp between our various members and we're all happy to help out people still learning the ropes, explain tactics for fights, help you out with the crazy gearing system etc...


We're also running story mode raids on Saturdays which you're welcome to join and are recruiting for HM - we have 5 members HM ready and who have cleared nearly everything on HM, so that should get going soon hopefully! We use Discord for general news/chat and raid banter, which mostly consists of winding each other up and our Sorc heal trying to kill us with their pull skill :)


We're mostly only around evenings and weekends - I'm away tonight but I'll be on tomorrow evening if you want to give me a shout, Salk Elan/Salk-elan/Abrastal/Kalam Mekhâr or you can take a look at our website - http://the-banished.enjin.com/

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