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[Event Invitation] Iokath PvP War - Bring Your Droids!


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My guild Stroke my Wookie are running our Iokath PvP War yet again so people can bring their droids to the party to get the 6 new achievements:



  1. Traitor To Your Own - Defeat 50 Imps as an Imp - (20 Achievement Points)
  2. Defeating Your Own - Defeat 50 Reps as a Rep - (20 Achievement Points)
  3. The Fire of Aivela - Defeat 50 enemy players as Aivela (10 Achievement Points & 20CC)
  4. The Jealousy of Esne - Defeat 50 enemy players as Esne (10 Achievement Points & 20CC)
  5. Tyths Rage - Defeat 50 enemy players as Tyth (10 Achievement Points & 20CC)
  6. Walking All Over Them - Defeat 50 enemy players as a walker (10 Achievement Points & 20CC)


It's time to start farming Iokath Power Shards and the Tyth, Aivela and Esne Control Modules for the event. The Control Modules drop from the bosses when you kill them in the ops (SM+HM) and you get the Power Shards from killing trash planet-side. Don't worry if you don't get the control modules, you can still turn up as a Walker or just as yourself.


If you were not at the previous events then you can also get another 11 achievements:


Current 11 Achievements

  • Dailies->Iokath->Player Vs. Player
  • 4 achievements for 500 kills either faction
  • 3 achievements for defeating 50 Imperial base guards & turrets
  • 3 achievements for defeating 50 Republic base guards & turrets
  • 1 achievement and 20 CC for completing all of them


How to join in - Friday 20th October 19:10 BST (British Summer Time)

Head to Iokath and join one of the ops groups when we advertise in general chat on both factions at 19:10 BST (Time Zone Convertor). During the event you can join us in our Iokath PvP War Teamspeak channel.


The Format

We run this with multiple 24 person ops groups depending how many people attend. The groups will be defined by the Iokath faction you pick for your character and unlike our usual PvP Massacre events we will do this big brawl style, NOT TAKING TURNS. We will have to call temporary truces every few minutes to loot the corpses as the loot trails bring the game to a 1-2 FPS crawl. Once the 500 kills are done then we'll head to the bases and kill the defenses, then relog to switch factions and kill the other base defenses.


How long will it last?

That question is best answered with a question; how long does it take you to kill 500 players in an area that may run at slideshow speeds? Personally, I will stay until I know we've done what we can to get the majority of the people on the event their achievements but I'm not planning on more then 2 hours.


Since we have opened this as a server event please tell your friends to head to Iokath and join one of our ops groups when we start guest invites. They do not have to join the guild to be on the event.


If it's red, it's dead!

(Said shortly before being stabbed in the back) :w_eek:

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This useful comment was posted to the Reddit thread I made for the event. I'm re-posting it here as it may help some of you:


...By Xicory...

"For the people who are short on shards or with control modules on other characters, it is possible to transfer them from one character to another (screw you Bioware for making those shards not legacy wide from the start).


All you have to do is buy the Refurbished Remote Miniprobe from the Iokath reputation vendor, put it in your legacy hold and resell it on another character. You will have to make sure though that if you buy it on the IMPERIAL reputation vendor you sell it back on the IMPERIAL reputation vendor. So republic to imperial and vice versa does not work. Did not test Rep Rep but I guess that works as well.


Also do not sell it back on any other vendor cause it will return 1000 credits instead of 200k and 250 power sharts.


Happy hunting!"

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Reminder bump! The Iokath PvP War is tonight at 19:10 BST. Be on Iokath at the start time and join one of our ops groups when we start advertising.


I've received several questions along the lines of "I heard you can only have one Tyth per instance so how will that work?". Personally, I have not seen this limitation but then I'm hardly on Iokath except when we run the PvP War there. Think of tonight as a big test. If there can only be one Tyth on the instance then so be it. We kill it and then launch another. Another test will be to see if we can have Tyth, Aivela, Esne and the walker active at the same time :)

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Thanks all, another Iokath PvP War complete! We had around 80 fighters this time and got to test out Tyth, Aivela, Esne and the Walkers in group combat. We got everyone in the group the 500 players kills and both sets of base defenses for the original 11 achievements and several people got the new ones for 50 players kills as the boss droids and walker. From the first kill up to the end of base defenses was just under 3 hours.


Iokath bugs

  • Terrible performance once the bodies start dropping due to loot trails, have to keep taking breaks from combat to loot corpses
  • Summons stopped working for everybody after first hour, nobody in group from several guilds could summon
  • To fix summons we tried moving far way from combat area, changing instance, going to guild ship and back, nothing worked so we had no summons for last 2 hours of event!
  • Class buffs stopped working so could only buff ourselves with the class buff for the character we were on (normal class buffs, not ops class buffs)


Results from the droid and walker experiments

  • There can only be 1 Tyth, Aivela & Esne active at once
  • There can be 1 of each droid type active at the same time, you just can't have 2 Tyths etc
  • Tyth, Aivela & Esne have a 1.25-1.5 hour respawn time so once somebody has summoned Tyth then nobody else can summon him for that time
  • There is no time indicator for when you can summon the droids so you just have to keep trying the terminals
  • We didn't notice a cap on the number of Walkers that could be active as we had 8 in combat at one point
  • There is no cooldown for activating Walkers
  • Aivela & Esne have some abilities that can cancel each others abilities out


Video & screenshots

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