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The Revas Order is recruiting for when Harbie Bastion and Begeren Colny merge


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Are you tired of the same old guilds where people only interact in game? Need a guild that cares about you? Then check out The Revas Order. We use Apps, Teamspeak and a Guild website to keep in touch in and outside of the game.


The Revas Order is recruiting. We are a fun group mixed with novice and experienced players that has been around since launch. Currently we are building ops and pvp teams and are a light rp guild. If you want to learn the game or a veteran of the game we welcome you.


Be part of our family and help us in our hi jinx across the galaxy.


Dezz'revas~Rep (The Revas Order)Begeren Colony

Dessel'revas Imp (The Fallen of Revas)Begeren Colony






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