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Sanguine Galaxy and Sanguine Bounty, Running 5 years, Welcomes Satele Shan Merge!


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We will be recruiting players during the server mergers, Our guild policy/rules/what were about can be found on the Harbinger/Guild Recruitment Forums or http://www.facebook.com/SanguineGuild or http://www.twitter.com/SanguineGuild.


Active for 5 years, we will be accommodating players that wish to run content with our guild. We are Family Friendly, Use Discord, Run Ops/PvP/GSF and events Since Year 1. Discord is Un-moderated. We would like anyone looking for a guild that enjoys good play, good people, and good groups. Our team will work with you to get the achievements that you need. We keep High Standards of Fair play. If your a serious raider, pvp'er, pilot we do provide channels and activitys for you every week. Information is Key in this era of gamming and we pride ourselves on providing that on our social media. To contact us before or after the merger search Sanguine from location window either faction or drop our GM a line on either side


Dreadkirk - Sanguine Bounty GM

Smorgishborg - Sanguine Galaxy GM


We look forward to playing with you!

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