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PUG OPs Marathon @The Bastion [Empire] - This Saturday 7/22/2017


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This Saturday, assuming no contravening acts of God or Nature or the related phenomenon known as "spouse aggro", I am planning the following for which everyone on the Empire side of The Bastion is invited:


Eternity Vault SM - 8m OR Eternity Vault SM - 16m

10:00am - 12:30pm Pacific

Forming via GOPs Chat and Fleet Chat @9:45am Pacific


Scum and Villainy SM 8m OR Scum and Villainy SM 16m

1:30pm to 5:00pm Pacific

Forming via GOPs Chat and Fleet Chat @1:15pm Pacific


Gods From The Machine SM 8m

Tentatively - May or May Not Happen!

Gods from the Machine SM - 8m

8:45pm to 11:00pm Pacific

Forming via GOPs and Fleet Chat @8:45pm Pacific





  • Level 50 or Higher Subscriber
  • Empire Side Character
  • Be in GOPs Server-Wide Chat Channel ( /cjoin gops )




  • Have your DPS geared as a DPS
  • Have your Healer geared as a Healer
  • Have your Tank geared as a Tank


See: Gear Templates




You can alternatively use "Naked Bolster":


  • Equip your character ONLY with a mainhand and offhand
  • DPS - mainhand and offhand equipped for Critical, Alacrity or Accuracy ONLY!!!
  • Heals - mainhand and offhand equipped for Critical or Alacrity ONLY!!!
  • Tank - mainhand and offhand equipped for Shield or Absorption ONLY!!!





  • Teamspeak - Preferred, but not required.
  • Starparse - Does help YOU tweak your character.


See: Raid Preparation


There are two sections provided on installing Teamspeak and Starparse and configuring Starparse.





  • Tank does the "Ready Checks".
  • Tank pulls mobs and bosses - no one else unless asked to do so.
  • Tank pulls the loot on bosses AFTER everyone has been "rez'd".
  • One unassembled piece per person.
  • Once you win an unassembled piece, you must select pass on future unassembled piece rolls by clicking "x".
  • All other loot is treated as Open Rolls - "Need" all you want.
  • Grab your personal loot and tokens from bosses when the rolls are done.





Unlike in previous PUG OPs runs, we will not be waiting for people to fix issues with their characters. Quite a few of my fellow "PUGers" are getting very tired of waiting for an hour and a half for people to fix their characters.


Therefore, you must be ready to go when the OPs calls are advertised in GOPs and General Chat on Fleet.





  • Versatile, Proficiency and Fortitude Stims
  • Medpacs
  • Attack, Triage and Shield Adrenals



I apologize in advance for too much information...but sometimes the information is necessary to promote readiness when the OPs calls go out.


I look forward to folks joining my fellow "PUGers" this Saturday morning, afternoon and evening. Join us on Fleet and make sure you do a "/cjoin gops" should you have to be somewhere other than Fleet so you don't miss out on group content communications @The Bastion.




GM - Insane Force

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