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Interface options (and Guild chat)


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Why is it that only some options transfer between characters? If I set my chat window to be opaque, have timestamps, and not fade, I want it on every toon. Granted once I get it set, theoretically it will stay set, but you shouldn't have to reset options, especially given that some options stay selected between toons (area loot for example). Thanks for fixing the chat settings being lost between toon/instance logins though.


Another option that would be nice is a default chat-to channel for chat tabs. Some of us like to have a different channel for Guild, Trade, etc, and one would think that you would set the default chat to in the channel/chat tab's settings. Setting that on the chat line itself doesn't make any sense, IMHO, because the line has a completely different context than the active chat window. If I want to change between channels, I want what I'm typing to go to the channel I'm looking at (assuming I don't preface with /1 /2 /3 or /gu or some other /whatever). Other games let you set the default channel which typically names that tab as well. Maybe there should be a /4 for guild chat or /gu should act like /1 /2 and /3 do. Again, MO.


I'm posting this here because 1) there is no UI forum, 2) Gen Discussion is useless atm (similar post pushed to page 6 less than 10 minutes after posting).

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There is a lot about chat that could use tweaking, too. And I agree, I want to set these ONCE and be able to have them either magically appear or have a Rift-style import/export.


Things I wish would be added:


1) A forum for discussing things like this :)


2) Remove chat input bars from specific chat windows (I will never want my "enter" input to go to my system window)


3) Lock chat window positions


4) Always-transparent window option


5) Click-through windows


6) Repositioning of other UI elements like the hotbars and map


7) Ability to re-color the UI borders (I'd want a dark grey, not BRIGHT BLUE)


(pretty much in that order)


I bought a big screen ... let me make the game work well with it.

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