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Right Mouse Button


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Anyone having any issues with Right Mouse button. I clicks right, but when turning it will not do it.


Is it a Razer mouse? If so, welcome the large club of people where either the LMB or RMB has broken. Razer mice are kind of famous for it, it usually first manifests as unintentional double clicks. It's happened to three of mine.

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First check and see if your windows mouse settings have been altered in any way by other programs (i've also had friends and co-workers mess around with mouse settings before just to annoy me).


If all settings are fine then it might be that the mouse manufacturer uses different kinds of plastic for the button and the plastic under it. This can create a small static field that interrupts the clicking, which results in while holding the button it will only register a single click and/or single clicking a button results in a double click.


The easiest solution would be disconnecting the mouse from any USB port, removing any batteries and pressing all the buttons repeatedly for about half a minute to release the static field. Then put the batteries back and/or connect the USB cable and it could work again. If this is the case, chances are this will happen again in the future.


If that didn't help there can be other problems which are usually the result of old age or lack of maintenance.

The connectors registering clicks can be worn down or bent by heavy usage, corroded by sweat or high humidity environments, or a buildup of grime and dust can prevent a proper connection.

Disconnect any cable and/or battery, then open up the mouse and carefully remove the corrosion, grime and/or dust inside (Only do this if it's obviously seen once opened. If you don't see anything wrong, don't do anything else and close it again, as fiddling any further might make things worse)


If all that fails it might be time to say your mouse goodbye and start looking for a replacement.

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It isnt your mouse, it happens to me when I roll with my gunslinger and try to turn afterwards, it just DOESNT work. You have to let go and then reclick and turn, which can feel very wonky if you are in a high stress situation.


Unless your mouse is really broken, but yeah, I have had this issue for years.

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