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Good night, good luck and good bye


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I’m quitting the game.


Here’s a very big THANK YOU to everyone who played with me, especially to all my long time guildmates of „Taking the Jawas to Alderaan“. And very especially to Silvane, our sweetheart "pink pony", who must have been the dearest person in all of SWTOR. Also a big bow to Oofalong, my fellow dedicated Sentinel and one of the nicest people the game has made me meet. And thx Kristina/Dulfy, KNJ, Gorband and a lot of people who probably won’t read this, since they quit the game long before me.


Also a big thank you to everyone who’s worked on SWTOR with dedication. Up to 3.0 it’s really been a blast.


Which leads me to...





Short answer: Force Melt


Medium long answer:



  • All my long time guild mates and favourite fellow SWTOR players have left the game a while ago – mostly for similar reasons as mine:
  • I loved the feel of open world gaming on vast and beautiful Star Wars planets with 8 (!!!) different storylines. But that obviously ended with 3.0. Since then it’s streamlined corridor content that made any kind of specific fantasy you established for your characters obsolete. Big downer for me, and pardon me, but I can’t see Lana’s or Theron’s face anymore after doing all chapters with several alts.
  • Not enough raiding content in the second half of the game’s life cycle.
  • Generally lost my trust that the game is going in the right direction. In the first two years I didn’t agree with every move devs made either. But I had the impression they knew their players, their playstyle and what players wanted and made somewhat reasonable decisions based on that understanding. In short: I trusted that devs knew what they were doing. I lost that trust and thus the trust in a long term perspective for the game. CXP gearing is the worst offender showing that, and for me, the last one.
  • „Streamlining“ everything, thus killing uniqueness in the game and imagination and creativity on the players‘ side. Every class plays the same now, quests are the same, story is the same. I don’t feel free in this world anymore.



Last point brings me back to my short answer: I could have lived with all that’s bothering me these days, if I could at least still do all that „streamlined“ corridor content with the ingenious spec design of Watchman Sentinel that was killed with 3.0. The 4 GCD rotation with Cauterize proc interplay is still the best rotation design any class in any RPG / MMORPG has ever had imo. Learning that post 2.X. devs never understood what players loved about the vanilla design of that spec and that altering its beauty basically meant turning the spec into something completely different and alienating the most loyal fans of it, was the beginning of my losing trust in what is being done with SWTOR.



I’m aware this is a very personal and probably unusual way of looking at it, but the game has given me so much in its first two years that I wanted to give my honest reasons for leaving it.


I sincerely wish everone continuing SWTOR all the best. And thank you again for playing with me.



El’ethon / Rick / Ardarell_Solo / chameleon2000 / Boris



PS: I’ve already promised my stuff to someone, so the answer’s no 😉

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The game has changed so much. I think it's, well, abnormal for an online game to change as much as swtor has, it's barely recognizable as the game it started off as.


I can't blame anyone for having had enough of a game they didn't sign up for and aren't enjoying. Though for me personally, when I start to feel a bit down about how things worked out in swtor I think about how much I'd like to sub back to City of Heroes and can't because it's gone.


So, take care, find a new game to love, and don't hesitate to visit while swtor is still around to be driven crazy about :)

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