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Something like the Swashbuckler's Lightsaber call it a light foil or something!


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Please can we get a new version of the Season 4 PvP lightsaber called the Swashbuckler's lightsaber?


It's such a good model and I've never even seen anyone on my server use one. I only discovered it randomly on the interwebs when trying to find a cool looking lightsaber hilt to find and it made me sad to see I couldn't get anything remotely similar.


It's clearly one of the best models in the game and you can see a lot of effort was put into the design of it yet on the Progenitor nobody has one.


It's a shame we don't get to see it more, of course a reskin would be needed to keep the pvpers happy and ensure their item remains unique, but something very similar would be really awesome. The midlithe and rishi lightsabers are close but just look terrible comparatively. :(


Examples can be found here:




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