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Defeat Vaylin's Spirit


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Může mi někdo poradit jak mám tu kundu zničit? Protože se o to snažím už 4 hodiny a ona mě mrdne na 3 rány a když umřu zase má 100 života. Toho čůráka co to vymyslel bych nejraději uškrtil sám.

Sorry. I can't write in Czech to help you, but...


Google Translate says you are having trouble with the Vaylin fight, presumably in Chapter IX of Knights of the Eternal Throne.


The most important thing about this fight is that it is what I call a 'gimmick' fight. It's easy (sort of) if you play by its rules, and hard if you don't.


So, its rules are:

* Do not attack her from far away. There's a purple circle at her feet, and you MUST be inside that if you want to attack her. If you are outside that circle, she reflects your attacks, and you end up hurting yourself.

* When she curls up into a ball and floats in the air, and a large red circle appears around her, she is going to cast her knockback. Do not interrupt this. Instead, run outside the red circle.

* If you can't run outside the red circle, move so that you are between her and a wall, otherwise you are likely to be thrown off the floating island.

* Keep one eye open for travelling green circles on the floor. Run in them yourself to heal, or run around them so that she runs into them. Each time she runs into them, she takes 20-25% damage.

* Use your "stun breaker" ability if she starts throwing you up and down because this does huge damage.

* Make sure your gear is up to date. Buy or craft 228-purple gear.

* Make sure your gear matches your class and discipline. No tank gear on DPS disciplines, no DPS gear on tank disciplines, etc.

* Get a top-rank stim to boost you - Biochemistry can craft these, otherwise buy ones that other people have crafted.

* Adjust your utility abilities in the Disciplines panel.


So far, I haven't done it with a tank or healer discipline, but I've done it on Commando and Guardian with Lord Dramath and Sorcerer and Gunslinger without Lord Dramath. Gunslinger was the hardest because the class has restricted mobility and no meaningful self-heals.

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You are not alone in frustration with this sadistic fight.

Google translate renders this as: Nejste sami v frustraci s tímto sadistickým bojem.

It continues the post-Rishi trend of FP/Ops-style mechanics in story-end one-player boss fights. (I say post-Rishi, because the end of SoR on Yavin has a mechanics-driven boss fight - if you don't go and release your allies, you can beat on Revan as long as you like without the slightest progress in the fight.) The worst part (from the point of view of someone who has got the hang of this one) of all these complaints is that the mechanics in this fight are almost non-existent, especially compared to putting down Revan.


And if you think this is a ridiculous idea - and/or that the Vaylin fight is sadistic - you'll do very, very badly indeed in GW2, where many of the story-end fights consist almost entirely of mechanics of one sort or another.

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