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Campaign Vindicator's Boots?


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Campaign Vindicator's Boots are my absolute fave in the game. They are no longer available through commendations.. They don't appear to be on trainers and I have never seen a recipe for them.


Does anyone know where I can get them for cosmetic use now?

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According to Tor fashion there is a look-alike set in the alliance supply crates.


To enhance your chances you should concentrate on bringing supplies to Beywan Aygo, as according to Dulfy former warrior gear only drops from his crates.


Beywan Aygo only drops TROOPER or WARRIOR legacy gear

Hylo Visz only drops SMUGGLER or BOUNTY HUNTER legacy gear

Juvard Illip Oggurobb only drops INQUISITOR or AGENT legacy gear

Sana-Rae only drops KNIGHT or CONSULAR legacy gear

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